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Naqshband Sahib Mushkil Kusha

Sayyid Moinuddin Hadi Naqshband

The guide

Hazrat Moinuddin Naqshband Saheb (r.a.) was a son of Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) and his successor in Kahsmir. 

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A grace for a nation

Hazrat Moinuddin Hadi Naqshband Saheb (r.a.) was educated by his father first and manifested his talent as his father from a very young age.

He memorized the Quran in his childhood and mastered Hadith sciences and Fiqh under the guidance of Hazrat Muhaddith Abdul-Haq Dehlavi (r.a.), one of the most reknown Hadith scholars of his time. 

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From father to son

He accompanied his father successing his blessed legacy in Kashmir. 

 In Kashmir Khwaja Moinuddin authored many books of which are biographies, comments on the glorious holy Quran and a codification of his Fatwas.

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An unforgettable legacy and mercy for lovers

-Mirat Tayiba/Maqamat Mahmudiya

-Kanz Sadaat

-Ganj Sadaat

-Kitab Ridwani

Many works on Fiqh and Tafseer:

For example Futuwat Naqshbandiya

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