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Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.)

Mercy for the Ummah 

Power of the Fuqaha

Sayyid of the Sayyids

Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah was the little brother of Hazrat Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.) and Hazrat Sayyid Mahmud Saheb Agha (r.a.). 

He was a Sayyid from both sides giving tribute to his lineage by his legacy of value for the Shariah and implementation of justice. 

He was the power of the Fuqaha and Qutb of his time.

Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.): Über mich


hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.) was first educated by his respected father Khwaja Mullah Sayyid Mir Hassan. After that he searched knowledge until there was no knowledge left for him to learn in Afghanistan. 

His amount of knowledge was a miracle and an enrichment for the Ummah of Porphet Muhammad (s) 

Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.): Willkommen

Carrer as a Judge

Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.) has become the highest Judge and Grand Mufti of the Emirate of Afghanistan. He carried out Hadd-Punishments in famous cases of his time and proofed his loyality to the Sharia by flogging the contemporary king of the Emirate of Afghanistan Habibullah Khan with his bare hands. 

Hazrat Syyid Mir Fazlullah was internationally reknown. Once he preached in a gathering in istanbul. In this gathering and because of his Wilaya he brought the whole public into a trance state, that wondered the Sultan. 

Sultan Abdulhamid II asked Sayyid Mir Fazlullah to stay in Turkey and become the Great Mufti. Sultan Abdulhamid II immediately send a letter to Amir Habibullah Khan to ask him to transfer the office of Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah to Istanbul.

Because of his virtue and the dependance on Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.) Amir Habibullah refused the letter of Sultan Abdulhamid II.

Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.): Willkommen

Rule of Law

A proof for Wilaya

Once Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.) prosecuted Amir Abdurrahman Khan, on which occasion Abdurrahman wanted to execute Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.).

Abdurrahman Khan saw himself above the law and wanted to kill Sayyid Mir Fazlullah by a canon.

Once Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (ra) was brought to be executed, Abdurrahman Khan was mysteriously shocked and trembled in fear. He immediately ran to Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.) telling him that he has freed him from now on out of fear for Hazrat Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.).

This incidence shows the legacy of Sayyid Mir Fazlullah as a champion of anti-corruption. 

Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.): Text

Hazrat Sayyid Mir Fazlullah left a legacy of total dedication to the Shariah. A legacy that is passed on to his late son Sayyid Mir Muhammad Jan (r.a.). 

Sayyid Mir Fazlullah (r.a.): Text
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