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Hazrat Shah Sahib II

Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.)

Deputy of Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.)

Sayyid Mir Mahmud II (r.a.): Willkommen

Birth and early life

Sayyid Mahmud Agha ist the second son of Sayyid Mir Hasan (r.a.) and descendant of the holy prophet Muhammad (s). 

He was born in Kabul in the most respected house of the Sadaat.

He has in his young years acepted the surname "Turab" denoting his descent from Abu Turab Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (k.w.)

Sayyid Mir Mahmud II (r.a.): Text


Sayyid Mahmud Agha was religiously raised and memorized the Quran in a very young age and mastered Hadith sciences as a basic education within his family. 

He after that executed his knowledge as a powerful stateman in Afghanistan. 

He was highly respected internationally by various houses and soon became the Qutb under his brother Sayyid Mir Jan.

Sayyid Mir Mahmud II (r.a.): Text


A legacy of loyality and power

Hazrat Sayyid Mahmud Agha went to his brother Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.) to Kashmir to bring him back to Kabul. He did so in the occasion of their mother deeply missing her son Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.).

Once he has arrived in Kashmir he was hugged by his brother transmitting Wilaya to him the same way as Sayyid Mir Hasan (r.a.) did to his son Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.).

In that moment Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.) was totally lost in the love for Allah and manifested his Wilaya by accompanying his brother

Sayyid Mir Mahmud II (r.a.): Text


A true Inheritor of Prophet Muhammad (s)

Hazrat Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.) was known for his mightiness and majesty.

He has immediately punished a hypocrite even when they thought anything bad. 

Once Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.) came upon a Wali that held a metal staff in the arabic form of "Ali".

By seeing this Wali who unjustly had that staff, Hazrat Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.) immediately took his right and took the staff and the Wilaya away from this man. 

This man was in despair, upon which Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.) came. Hazrat Sayyid Mir Jan gave a part of his Wilaya to this man.

Hazrat Sayyid Mir Jan (r.a.) after that ordered his brother who was too immense in might to sleep for eternity.

Upon this and his love and loyality for his older brother Hazrat Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.) heroically lied down, layed a scarf on his face and entered the next world. 

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) 200 years before has miraculously prepared the grave of his grandson. 

This grave came to be the grave of Sayyid Mahmud Agha (r.a.), a true inheritor of Prophet Muhammad (s)

Sayyid Mir Mahmud II (r.a.): Text
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