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  • Sayyid Ahmad Turab

390th holy Urs of Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.)

Today is the holy Urs of our beloved master the holy Qutb Khwaja Khawand Mahmud known as Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.).

He was the Qutb of the world and a sign and secret of the superiority of humankind upon the creation of Adam (as).

He was one reason why the angels had to prostrate in front of Adam (as), for he as a great friend of Allah (j) will be of the progeny of Adam (as).

He is the bearer of the secrets of his grandfather Shah Naqshband (r.a.) as Shah Naqshband (r.a.) has prophecied.

He is the bearer of the secrets of Ghawth Azam (r.a.) which enable to destroy mountains, as Ghawth Azam (r.a.) proclaimed in his Qaseeda Khamriya.

It is through him that the Naqshbandiyya is the most flourishing order until this date, as he has given the spiritual succession to Khwaja Baqi Billah (qs).

Shah Naqshband (r.a.) has been resurrected again in year 1598 to proclaim the succession of his son after 7. Generations, while this holy order had so many branches.

He is to Shah Naqshband as is the Mahdi (as) to Rasul Allah (s) .

And indeed, if we could use all universes as ink to describe his superiority it would still be too less.

He is mighty and the manifest of Allah´s attribute al Jalil, the Majestic.

This day is special for every Mureed of Hazrat ishaan (r.a.) as this is the day in which we have to refresh our eternal Ba´yah for him and to reflect in how far we have contributed to the worldly expansion of his Wilaya through his help.

Indeed the greatest among his Mureeds is the one who sacrifices everthing even his family and his breath for the Wilaya of Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.).

We proclaim to know what is best for us, but truly it is in his hands in which our family and our selves are in the best hands, for he knows us better than ourselves.

He is both Hasani and Al Husseini and the Vicegerent of Mahdi al-Askari on earth.

It is through his blessings the next Aqtab come and it through his progeny this world will be saved.

Sayyid Ahmad

Grandson and representative of Hazrat Ishaan after 12 generations

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