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Hazrat Ishaan

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.): Willkommen

Birth and Early Life

Hazrat Khwaja Khawand Mahmud (r.a.) was born in Bukhara in the houshold of Hazrat Sayyid Mir Sahrif Naqshbandi (r.a.). 

He was a descendant of Hazrat Bahauddin Naqhshband (r.a.) and Hazrat Alauddin Attar (r.a.).

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A blessing for the Ummah

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) was educated by his respected father, a scholar, who received his knowledge as a descendant of Shahe Naqhshband (r.a.) from his ancestors.

Hazrat Ishaan memorized the holy Quran when he was 12 years old and attended with the permission of his father the madrassa Sultani. 

He was a perfect Faqih, Muhaddith and Mufsir and a blessing for the Ummah of prophet Muhammad (s) since his youth.

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Sheikh ul Islam

The beginning of a legacy

Hazrat Ishaan moved to Wakhsh and became the Sheikh ul Islam of this town in his early twenties. 

He was highly respected by the town members and leaders around Wakhsh.

In the age of 23 years of age he received a letter from his father, in which he asked his son to come back to spend his last days with him. 

Unfortunately his father breathed his last before the arrival of his son.

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The pursuit of destiny

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) deepened his studies in Tasawuf under the guidance of Ishaq Wali Dahbidi (r.a.).

In the moment Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) came to his master pledge allegiance his master greeted him with respect, saying 

"peace be upon you, oh king of king of Saints."

Hazrat Ishaq ordered his new student to visit the shrine of Shahe Naqshband and to recite the Asma al Husna 70.000 times with special methods.

After Hazrat Ishaan fulfilled this task, he has seen his grandfather Shahe Naqshband (r.a.) in a dream, who has given him a cloak, a horse and a pigeon as a present.

Once Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) has woken up the caretaker of the shrine ahs given him the same presents he has seen in the dream. 

The caretaker told Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) that he was resurrected and literally came out from his grave and told the caretaker to give these presents to his son.

This incidence shows the successorship of Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.).

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Ghawsiyya in Kashmir

A cosmic leadership

In Kashmir Hazrat Ishaan has become the most influential islamic cleric. He had a great political network and influences the social and political life in Kashmir. 

The Kashmiris admired him and called the central city of Srinagar "Khwaja Bazar" after him. 

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) manifested his Wilaya in many occasions.

Once he has revived his mureed Sharif Beg from the dead. The brother of the deceased mureed Murad Beg came to Hazrat Ishaan and lamented.

Hazrat Ishaan smiled and said:

"Go, your brother is alive!"

At home Sharif Beg was alive again.

In another occasion Prophet Muhammad (s) himself appeared in the mosque of Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) in public. He carried a golden Turban with him. He went out with Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.). Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) then came back with the golden turban of his patriarch (s) on his blessed head.

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Ghawsiyya in Lahore

A Mercy to the world

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) left for Lahore because of a political conflict in Kashmir, which led to the Moghul emperor Shah Jahan asking Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) to leave for Lahore. There he has build a mosque for him, which is the present shrine of Hazrat Ishaan. 

In Lahore Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) was a mercy to every human being and a true guide.

But he was also charismatic for the cause of justice.

Once a corrupt cleric abused Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.), who immediately died because of Lepra as a divine punishment.

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.) lived his last years in Lahore and breathed his last being a mercy to the world for 79 years.

Hazrat Ishaan (r.a.): Text
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