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The Line of Imamate

Based on "The line of prophecy"

(Ali-Baqir-Reza-Mahdi-Muhyuddin-Bahauddin-Hazrat Ishaan-Sayyid Mir Jan)



إِنَّمَا يُرِيدُ اللَّـهُ لِيُذْهِبَ عَنكُمُ الرِّجْسَ أَهْلَ الْبَيْتِ وَيُطَهِّرَكُمْ تَطْهِيرًا

"Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification."
Quran Surah 33 Verse 33

  • Picture of the current Imam His Serene Highness Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik


Succession to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

From Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to his beloved grandson Sayyid Raphael (God save him!)

While most Sunnis uphold that Abu Bakr was the rightful successor and the Shiites in turn Ali, the Ishaani Sunnis highlight that the actual spiritual successor was Sayyida Fatima Zahra (pbuh) the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

After she passed away her husband Ali has taken over the Imamate with her blessings.

Unlike many Shiites the Ishaani Sunnis reject any enmity between Ali and Abu Bakr. In the opposite they proclaim that Abu Bakr, Omar and Usman were actually spiritual followers of Ali, who ruled as Caliphs with Ali´s blessings.

Once Caliph Omar (May Allah be pleased with him) used to say:"If not for Ali, Omar would be lost." which shows the high attachement of Omar for his friend Ali.

This line of Imamate goes one from Ali to his sons Hasan and Hussein and over Jafar al Sadiq to Musa al Kazim reaching Muhammad ibn Hasan al Askari.

He in turn prophecied the coming of Sayyid Abdul Qadir Giani, who in turn prophecied the coming of Shah Naqshband, who in turn prophecied the coming of Hazrat Ishaan, who again prophecied the coming of Sayyid Mir Jan, the Khwaja of all Khawajagan of the world.

Today the family members of Sayyid Mir Jan act as rightful successors of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the bearers of his Light (Noor) on earth. The Noor according to Imam Reza (ra) is a metaphor for guidance, especially in regards to the balance between the exoteric (Sharia) and the esoteric (Tasawuf) aspects of the faith.

The current Imam is His Highness Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik (God save him!)


List of medieval Imams

Successors of the Prophet

Sayyidat ul Nisaa al Alam Fatima Zahra (daughter of Muhammad and wife of Ali, as the fundament of the Imamate)
Imam Ali al Murtadha (As spiritual guide of the holy Caliphs Abu Bakr, Omar and Usman God´s holy grace be upon them)
Imam Hasan al Mujtaba
Imam Hussein al Shaheed
Al Zahra ul Thani Sayyida Zainab ul Kubra
Imam Ali al Zayn ul Abideen
Imam Muhammad al Baqir
Imam Jafar al Sadiq
Imam Musa al Kazim
Imam Ali al Reza
Imam Muhammad al Taqi
Imam Ali al Hadi
Imam Hasan al Askari
Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan al Askari
Imam Ali Akbar ibn Hasan al Askari
Imam Ata Abdullah (cousin of Imam al Askari)
Imam Mahmud
Imam Abu Jamaluddin Muhammad 
Imam Abdullah al Sawmawi
Imama Sayyida Umm ul Khair Fatima
Imam Abu Saleh Musa Jangi Dost
Imam Abdul Qadir Jilani al Muhyuddin (As spiritual guide of the 13 Aqtab)
Imam Abdul Razzaq Jilani Al Tajuddin
Imam Abdul Wahab Jilani Al Saifuddin
Imam Abdul Aziz Jilani Al Azizuddin
Imam Jamalullah bin Abdul Razaq Hayat ul Meer Jilani
Imama Sayyida Jilani
Imam Bahauddin Naqshband (As promised successor of Abdul Qadir Gilani)
Imama Sayyida Zahra bint Bahauddin
Imam Alauddin Atar (husband of Sayyida Zahra)
Imam Hasan Atar
Imam Hussein Atar
Imam Tajuddin
Imam Muhammad
Imam Ziauddin
Imam Sharifuddin
Imam Shamsuddin (older brother of Hazrat Ishaan)


List of Male Imams of the modern age

Supreme Leaders (Amir ul Muminin)

Shah Sayyid Khwaja Khawand Mahmud bin Imam Sharifuddin

1st Hazrat Ishaan
Al Qaim ul Shaan bi Amrillah (The one rising by God´s command)

7th generation grandson of Shah Bahauddin Naqshband
Prophecied successor of Shah Naqshband (Shah Naqshband was resurrected again and proclaimed his legitimacy)
Mughal Kingmaker and Oligarch

Amir Sayyid Mir Moinuddin Hadi Naqshband

Al Hadi ul Shaan billah (The one who guides through God)

Mughal Oilgarch

Prince Sayyid Nizamuddin Naqshband

Al Amir ul Shaan bi Ahkam illah (The Prince who executes God´s commands)

Paternal grandson of the 2nd Hazrat Ishaan
Maternal grandson of Emperor Jahangir
Mughal Royal

Prince Sayyid Nooruddin Naqshband

Noor ul Shaan billah (The Light who radiates the world though God)

Son of the 3rd Hazrat Ishaan
Maternal grandson of Emperor Aurangzeb
Mughal Royal

Prince Sayyid Kamaluddin Naqshband

Kamal ul Shaan billah (The one with complete Dignity by God)

Son of the 4th Hazrat Ishaan
Mughal Royal
Patron Martyr of Naqshbandi Islam

Prince Sayyid Mohyuddin Naqshband

Al Zahir ul Shaan li Izi Din illah (He Who Appears Openly to Strengthen the Religion of God)

Son of the 5th Hazrat Ishaan
Mughal Royal

Amir Kabir Mir Sayyid Hasan Naqshband bin Azimullah

Al Hasan ul Shaan bi amrillah (The benefactor by God´s order)

Son in law of 6th Hazrat Ishaan
Tribal leader of Afghan Sayyids

Shah Sayyid Mir Jan bin Hasan

Al Qaim bi Amrillah II

Son of 7th Hazrat Ishaan
Promised successor of the 1st Hazrat Ishaan
Highest Hazrat Ishaan (Shah)
(The 1st Hazrat Ishaan was resurrected again and proclaimed his legitimacy)

Prince Mir Sayyid Mahmud Agha Shah bin Hasan

Al Aziz ul Shaan billah (The Mighty One through God)

Right hand of Shah Sayyid Mir Jan
Mughal Prince
Afghan and British Indian Oligarch

Prince Sayyid Fazlullah Agha bin Hasan

Al Hakim ul Shaan bi Amrillah (The Ruler by the Order of God)

Afghan Chief Justice
Supreme Judge of the Emirate of Afghanistan
Grand Mufti
Teacher of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamit II

Prince Sayyid Muhammad Jan

Al Muiz ul Shaan lidin illah (The Glorifier of the Religion of God)

Son of the 10th Hazrat Ishaan
Afghan General and Oligarch

Prince Sayyid Assadullah

Al Mutawakal ala Hukmallah (The One who trusts God´s orders)

Son of Mir Muhammad Jan
Afghan Minister and Pioneer of Financial Accountancy

Sayyid Mustafa bin Assadullah

Al Zayed ul Shaan li Izi Dinillah (He who gloriously progresses to strengthen God´s religion)

Son of Sayyid Mir Assadullah bin Mir Muhammad Jan

Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik bin Sultan Masood

Al Rafi ul shaan bi Izzatullah (The one who is raised in dignity by God´s Glory)

Oldest Son of Sultan Masood Dakik and oldest grandson of Mir Assadullah (mother side)
Leader of the Royalist Afghan Opposition


Female Imams of the modern age (Taj ul Nisaa)

Princess of the believers (Amirat ul Muminin)

1st Taj ul Nisaa

Al Rafiat ul shaan billah (The one who is raised in dignity by God)

Bibi Sayeda ishaani

  • Daughter of Hazrat Ishaan VI

  • Wife of Prince Hasan bin Azimullah

  • Transferred leadership in divinely inspired unlimited love for her husband Mir Hasan, who took the title Hazrat Ishaan VII as leader

  • Mother of the next Hazrat Ishaans

2nd Taj ul Nisaa

Al Siddiqat ul ula billah (The sublime trustworthy through God)

  • Mughal and Afghan tribal Princess

  • Sister of Hazrat Sayyid Mir Jan

  • Succeeded her brother Sayyid Mir Jan and Sayyid Mahmud until she passed away in year 1915, transferring leadership to her brother Mir Fazlullah, who became Hazrat Ishaan X

Sayyida Siddiqa

3rd Taj ul Nisaa

Al Amirat ul Rahma bi rahmatullah (The Princes of mercy through God´s mercy)

Sayyida Rahima bint Mir Muhammad Jan

  • Daughter of Hazrat Ishaan XI

  • Leading the Naqshbandi Sufi Order during the Naqshbandi Interregnum after her father passed away

  • She lead the Naqshbandiyya with strong political influence in Afghanistan until the fall of her monarchy by the Communist coup d´etat

  • She is the paternal grandmother of the current Imam Prince Sayyid Raphael

  • Royal Princess by Afghan law through her marriage with the Musahiban prince Abdul Khaliq Khan

4th Taj ul Nisaa

Al Saburat bi Nimatullah

Princess Sayyida Nargis Dakik

  • Grand Daughter of Imam Mir Muhammad Jan

  • Married her cousin Sayyid Sultan Masood bin Rahima

  • She is the mother of the current Imam Prince Sayyid Raphael