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The Current Head

His Highness

Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik

(God save him!)

The Current Imam: About

Afghan Barakzai Royal Government in Exile

Current heir of the Qadiri Naqshbandi Heritage

Offspring of Hazrat Ishaan from both sides after 12 generations

The Current Imam: Text

Hymne in honor of Prince Raphael

By Hakim (Lord) Al Sadiq be-Quwatullah

Member of the Ruling Court of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order (Majlis Hukm)

اى ابر مرد ايشانى اى كوه

Oh Ishaanian hero, Oh you mountain

اى نگهبان قدسى خواجه خرشيد

Oh guardian of the sanctuary of Khwaja Khurshid (Hazrat Ishaan´s older brother)

روشناى چراغ محمود

Oh illumination of the light of Mahmud (Hazrat Ishaan)

يادگار صداقت مير جان

Oh remembrance of the majesty of Mir Jan (Hazrat Ishaan´s promised successor)

ناجى سربلندى اسلام

Oh savior of the pride of Islam

اى امير المومنين ايشانى

Oh you Naqshbandi king of the faithful

اى براى تو اين حيولا ها

همه كوکى و مقواى

Oh great one for whom all those monsters are like fragile puppets

با كتاب ترانہ هاى من

With my book of anthems

نه قصيده و غزل سپاس توست

Nor does an ode or sonnet pay tribute to your greatness

مرد مختارى شعر من

Oh mythical man of my poems

محمل قلب من لباس توست

The velvet of my heart is your clothing

با تاريخ حاضر امام من

With the history of my holy Imam

قصه رويش تباهى ها است

It´s the story of cyclic destruction

قصه امتداد شب تا شب

It is the story of a night upon another night

قصه ممتد سياهى ها است

A story of continous blackness

دفتر قدسي امامم اما

But this holy office of the astaan

پر شور، اخلاص و جواب

Rich of dedication, determination and answers

هرف اگر است، هرف اشراقى

If there is a word, it is the word of illumination

هرف خوشى، حضرتى و اميد

A word of hope, completion and fulfillment

با امام آرزوى باقى بود

My Imam has the dream of a garden

روى آستان كه چهره قهرمانان داشت

On an Astaan that depicted legends

بس كه پر اميد بود روح من

In so much were our souls full of hope

امامم شوق جان سپردن داشت

And our Imam is eager to die for it (the Astaan of Hazrat Ishaan)

با من اما سبد سبد ميوه

And with me are the baskets full of fruits

از درخت شور و اخلاص

From a blessed tree of enthusiasm and determination

با يه نور با معناى نور على النور

With a light Noorun ala noor!

براى قلب تشنه انسان

That it enlightens the heart of every lonely human

ايشانى مرد پاسدار آستان

Oh Ishaanite of guardian of the Astaan

معناى جاودانى حضرت ايشان

Oh eternal meaning of Hazrat Ishaan

خاك اگر خنده كرد و گندم داد

If the soil smiled and presented wheat

ز دعاى تو بود اى دوست خداوند

It was through your prayers, oh friend of God

اى امير المومنين رستاخيز

Oh Commander of the faithful of the resurrection

دست جدد بهترين صلاح توست

Your father´s (Abdul Qadir Jilani) hand is your best weapon

فاتح پاك در زمان جارى 

Oh holy warrior for whom time stands still

چون خون شاه نقشبند در جريان توست

For Shah Naqshband blessed you as his successor

The Current Imam: Text


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